Bananas( 120h )

Our production are all year round crop, level is maximum from September to March,and minimum production level during winter season.


We have Early red and Mauratius litch , Early red is ready as early as September,and Mauratius is ready from late November until late January.

Macadamia Nuts(89h)

We have of this very special kind of nut.Our harvest season starts early March until late June depending on the volumes at hand.

Guavas(52h )

We have of guavas,Malherbe and Faan Retief,Our harvest season is March to July depending on the volumes at hand.


We have have Tommy Atkins,Kent and Sensation .We supply processors for juice,dried fruit and achaar. The harvest season starts from early October until May.


For now we have 2h(Pinkerton) of avocados,and are in a process of establishing 13h(Fuerte) more,

Cash crops in vegetables are also our line of produce.We do produce them depending on the seasons and the competion around our area.We prefer producing cash crops on pre-arranged agreements with our clients,more especialy marketing companies.